ADVANCE DESIGN M. A. T. is a model aircraft technologies company, hence the ‘M. A. T.’ we specialize in the design and development of large-scale model aircraft. Typically our scale models will be 1/7th the size of the full size aircraft. We can do ANY aircraft flying or not, we will even do concept design and development. 


ADVANCE DESIGN’s management team at this time consists of 2 primary key people, Earnest Dotson and Charles Ephriam.   



Earnest Dotson:

Earnest Dotson has been building & designing model airplanes for over 45 years. He served in the in the U.S. Navy onboard the aircraft carrier Lexington for 4 years. He worked on aircraft hooking them to the catapult for launch and did other jobs and duties relative to flight operations. After being discharged from military service, he enrolled in an aircraft mechanics course at West L.A. City College, Aircraft Branch near the Los Angeles Airport. In the early 80’s (late 70’s or somewhere in that time zone) he started initial design work on his HARRIER project, which has been an ongoing project, in various phases, since that time period.



Charles Ephriam:

Charles Ephriam owned and managed his own clothing store for a few years. He also sold life insurance, built his own team, and won various awards for the most sales in his area. Worked also as a loan officer doing re-fi’s in the real estate market. He is now in the process of helping to set up a non-profit coperation on which he will serve as a board member. He is gifted in administration and will help to set up the structure of A.D. from that standpoint; he will also be responsible for our ‘sales teams’ and whatever form that will take.



The following people at this time are not to be considered as probable employees of A.D., but rather than that, consultants in their respective fields and whose services will be utilized on an ‘as needed basis’.


David Vance:

Rdio control helicopter pilot, test pilot for our HARRIER model kits.


Irving Wade:

Another r/c pilot, has flown turbine powered aircraft, knows model electronic systems, also licensed private pilot.


Larry Jacobs:

Award winning jet turbine r/c pilot and instructor, very knowledgeable with model aircraft systems.


Ewald Schuester:

Another accomplished r/c pilot, model turbine designer & builder also very knowledgeable with model electronic systems.


Al Timmons:

Model designer & builder specializing in composite construction.                     


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