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The intent of this website is to inform, educate, recruit and solicit moneys, as well as participants, students and instructors for this (as now planned, but subject to change) after-school, weekends and summer, hands-on training program. The name should give you a hint as to what our first project is going to be. That’s right, it is the Presidential Aircraft, which the military label VC-25A, but what the general public affectionately refers to as “AIR FORCE ONE.” We will be designing and constructing in precisely 1/7th scale, a fully flight capable, radio-controlled, 4 engine, turbine powered, 747B200 version of this unique giant of an aircraft. The finish size of the model will be a 33ft. long fuselage, 28ft. wingspan, 9ft. tall (at the tail) and about 300 lbs. flying weight. Read More...

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