The Air Force One Model


Our next modeling project is a flying model of the Presidential Aircraft, Air Force One, we will do this model in       scale, it will be a flying version of the VC-25A 747B200. This will be a very special project because of who the subject is but also because of who will be building the model. This is to be an 'after school" program designed to show kids how airplanes are actually designed and built. This project is big enough that it will require about 200 or so kids about 18 to 24 months in order to complete. We will show them the complete process from designing and building to final assembly, markings, painting and flight testing because this will be a flying model. Just to give you an idea, this model will be 33 feet long, 28 feet wingspan, 9 feet tall (sitting on its landing gear) about a 400 lbs flying weight. It is an ambitious (some would say 'impossible*) project and also provides exposure to the kids for a possible career in the field of aviation / aerospace. These will be Jr. & Sr. High School age kids, it gets them in a learning environment after school, off the streets 'just hanging out' and they are putting to use some of the knowledge that they already know from being in school anyway. There are many facets to this program, I've just named a few here.

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